Surname : ZANA
First name : Anouck
Nickname : Noucky
Astrological sign : Aries

I was born with a pencil in my hand and grew up with a mouse in the other. My studies at the Ecole Supérieure d’Arts Appliqués Estienne allowed me to approach various old and recent techniques (illustration, lithography, binding, etc.) offering me a wide plastic and graphic range. Self-taught in computer graphics, web designer, graphic designer then artistic director, I am now a project manager. I decided to take a small place on the web in order to also make known my passions and my creations.

The Geek Faëries talk about it:

Noucky (Anouck ZANA) is a lively and incisive designer, who has no equal in dissecting her daily life. It is through 2 fanzines that she shares her adventures and delusions. 

« Minuit, l’Heure du Crime » shows us the nonsense of a trickster cat, all black with big eyes, who does not miss a single one to make people laugh. Customized, this graphic cat will find a place in all hearts and adapts to all tastes.

« Les Chroniques d’une Tite Chose » recounts with a lot of self-derision the absurd, sometimes burlesque daily life of this designer with a well-hung tongue. Attention: fanzine of public utility -> Girls, make your companions read it.

Among his other publications, you will find « Tableaux », a collection of short stories in prose that are both fantastic and dreamlike. To be read accompanied by music, they will transport you to another sphere, that of inconsistency and fleeting moments.

Justfocus talks about it:

“Where the music is, there is no harm”. This phrase from Cervantes is the philosophy that Noucky has stuck in his ears. Nourished by classical, raised by jazz, shaken by hip hop, inhabited by rock, galvanized by electro, she explores the vibe according to her moods. Curious, enthusiastic and critical, it is through her concert diary that she will share with you her favorites or rants.

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